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Teacher Training

In France

Get to know Alsace

The ‘Old Continent’ and European political innovation in one place

Discover an area of tradition, gastronomy and history, with the authenticity of “old Europe” and cities that have retained their human dimension; cities like Strasbourg, a beautiful city: with the charm of old Alsace, but which also has a 21st century role.

Strasbourg is the capital of Europe. It hosts the European Parliament, the International Institute of Human Rights, the Council of Europe and the Centre for European Studies. It is considered the legislative and democratic capital of the European Union.

Alsace wine

Go wine-tasting…

Go wandering round the ‘Route des vins’ just south of Strasbourg and as you pass through the villages that produce some of the finest white wines in Europe, stop off in the vineyards to try out some Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer, Edelzwicker or Reisling.

Alsace rivers

Go Boating…

By far the best way to see a beautiful city like Strasbourg is from its river-banks. Hire a canoe for a day and drift up and down the river Ill taking in the sights…

Alsace castles

Visit some extraordinary historical sites…

Go several kilomtres underground and visit the labyrinth of tunnels which make up the historic Maginot Line, the fortifications which were built between the two wars for hundreds of miles.

Visit the only concentration camp created by the Nazis in France at “Struthof”, now a national monument.

For a lighter touch, check out the castle of Haut-Konigsburg, a medieval ‘folly’ built in the 19c by German kings.

If you’re into cars then the Automobile museum in the industrial Alsacian city of Mulhouse is a ‘must’.

Maybe you find quaint old villages with their funny traditions enchanting. Well, then in July come to the collective wedding called the Streisselhochzeit’ in Seebach.

And in December come to Wissembourg for the traditional parade of the wicked baron “Hans Trapp”!

Alsace nature

Go strolling in nature…

The Alsace is also one of the most wooded parts of France and you can discover some very interesting spots as you wander along its nature trailsWith some surprising ruins hidden amongst the trees…