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The ELT Hub Teacher Training in France

Teacher Training

In France

DELTA (The Diploma in English Language Teaching)

DELTA is a qualification allowing experienced teachers to deepen their practical and theoretical knowledge of English Language Teaching. DELTA is also an academic qualification which is now rated as equivalent to a MA in the UK. It is the ideal vehicle for career promotion, as Head of Studies, for example, in a language school. You can also use DELTA to specialise in the area that interests you most, thanks to its modular straucture; DELTA Module Three is an entirely research based module which is supervised by a DELTA tutor specialising in your subject. For example, you can use DELTA to specialise in:

  • - Business English (BE)
  • - English for Special Purposes (ESP)
  • - English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
  • - Teaching Examination classes
  • - Teaching one-to-one
  • - CLIL/Embedded ESOL (teaching English through subject/work-based learning)
  • - Teaching monolingual classes
  • - Teaching in a non-English-speaking environment
  • - Teaching learners on-line/through blended learning
  • - Language develpment for teachers
  • - Teaching young adults (14-19 yrs)
  • - ELT Management

Our results record
The results achieved at The ELT Hub (formally ESOL Strasbourg) for DELTA are as follows:

Number of candidates to date who have taken the Module One preparation course and sat the exam here in Strasbourg: 31

Number candidates who passed first time in all categories: 22 (70% pass rate)
(Of these six passed with merit)

Number of candidates who have taken our Module Two course here in Strasbourg: 17

Of these 13 passed first time in all categories : 76% pass rate at first submission Of the 13, 4 passed with Merit and 1 with Distinction.

Of the 3 candidates who were referred by Cambridge and asked to re-submit the following year, two did. Both passed, one with Merit. Therefore the Total pass rate for Module Two candidates is 88%