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Teacher Training

In France

The ELT Hub Teacher Training in France

Teacher Training

In France

DELTA Module One

Understanding Language, Methodology and Resources for Teaching <

We run our Module One programme over eight months in order to ensure you have enough time to do the necessary background reading. We have constructed a distance programme using a collaborative wiki which candidates follow during these eight months. The programme consists of a series of tasks which closely follow the subjects that are covered in the Module One exam. You will be asked to do these tasks sometimes on your own, sometimes in collaboration with the others in your study group. Your work on the tasks is moderated by one of the DELTA tutors.

The programme also comprises Skype seminars with the DELTA tutors on the themes which underpin Module One : coursebook design, discourse analysis, phonology, analysis of learners' errors etc..

Finally, we include two mock exam sessions in the programme with detailed comments and feedback on your answers from your tutors.

DELTA Module Two

Developing professional Practice

Our Module Two programme is unique in that we think we've found a way to make the module really accessible for working teachers. We take the 27 days of the intensive course and divide it into three 'chunks' of nine days each. We spread these 'chunks' over six months and you come to Strasbourg only intermittently. Furthermore, each 'chunk' consists of five working days with a wekend at each end so you are only away from work for five of these days.

Each session comprises group seminars with your tutors in which you can further develop your understanding of the subjects which lie at the heart of DELTA and, most importantly, your assessed teaching. We set up the teaching practice classes for you in Strasbourg ; you don't have to organise anything yourself. You teach the same students every time you come and so you gain a good idea of who they are and their particular needs in English.

Inbetween the 'chunks' you have plenty of time to do futher reading and to write your assignments. Your tutors give feedback on your drafts and help you improve your submissions. Three of your assignments are internally marked by your tutors and the fourth is externally marked by the Cambridge asessor.

The fact that you are able to personally meet your tutors in Strasbourg, and discuss your teaching with them, is a considerable advantage over distance tutoring. We aim throughout our DELTA programme to maximise continuity of contact with the tutors so that you are accompanied each step of the way.

DELTA Module Three

Extending Practice and ELT Specialism

Once you have chosen your specialism for Module Three we let you design a personalised research programme and reading list with the help of a DELTA tutor. The tutor may already have experience in this field and will be able to help you as you draft your research plan and as you write your drafts.

The Module Three tutors are well aware of the particular requirements of Cambridge for Module Three submissions and will help you structure your writing so as to meet these requirements.

We allow you the flexibility of deciding, together with your tutor, how long you want to take to finish your Module Three. However, we advise you to try and accomplish this in six months and we are there to help you stay on track.