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Teacher Training

In Moscow

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Teacher Training

In Moscow

The School

Our CertTESOL programme will take place in the New School (Moscow, Mosfilmovskaya St, 88 / 5).

The school is conveniently located close to the metro station Ramenki and is also served by a number of buses. The new purpose-built building was opened in 2017 and represents a new educational environment, with spacious classrooms and halls, an excellent canteen (which our trainees will have access to) and a wide range of amenities for the children who attend the school, such as various laboratories and workshops, a music studio and a school theatre.

The New School is an autonomous non-profit educational organisation (ANPEO) supported by the charity fund "Dar". . It opened in 2017, and is fast on the way to becoming perhaps the best school in Moscow. It has attracted outstanding teaching staff (many teachers are university lecturers, amongst them well-known scientists and writers). The school's founders and sponsors are keen to make the New School more than just a school, but rather a centre of education in a wider sense - a space which hosts talks and masterclasses by well-known teachers and educators and hosts a range of conferences for teachers, which includes Elephant Tips organised by the English language Department, which has gained a lot of popularity among English teachers from Moscow and beyond. The school's English teaching department is thriving, with 18 full-time teachers, some of whom are CELTA and DELTA qualified.

Moscow - The Centre

Moscow is the centre of academic life in not just Russia, but all of the former Soviet Union. The city is a vibrant centre of culture, with all the amenities of a developed, modern capital. As such, it offers rich opportunities for professional development, as well as good job prospects for skilled teachers. Moscow has a thriving Business English sector, where demand for English lessons is particularly high.

Overall, Moscow is a dynamic city with an excellent and safe public transport system, diverse restaurants, 24-hour shops, theatres, music venues, and lively night life.

Typical Day

A typical day on the course starts at 12.45. There will be two seminars which provide key input for your teaching and the assignments you will complete on the course. These will take us to 15.30 and a lunch break. After this we break into two smaller groups for feedback from the previous day’s teaching and lesson planning with tutor support. The final part of the day is teaching practice (lessons) and reflection from 19.00 to 21.30. You will be teaching real students during the course. They know they are being taught be trainee teachers.


On the course you will have access to computers, printers, a photocopier and a library. As a trainee, you will also have access to online resources via our online platform, which will have everything you need for the course.