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Teacher Training

In Moscow

The ELT Hub Teacher Training in France

Teacher Training

In Moscow

Course requirements

You do not have to have experience in order to be accepted onto the course, although candidates should have some language awareness. However, we find that trainees with previous teaching experience gain a lot more insight into their teaching and usually gain a lot more.

Course content

There are five modules for the Trinity CertTESOL, which cover the following areas

  • • Teaching Skills is the largest part of the course, which prepares you to be effective in planning and teaching your lessons, and the other four parts inform this.
  • • Language Awareness deepens the knowledge of grammar and terminology.
  • • Learner Profile focusses on learner needs with an in-depth study of one learner on the course.
  • • Materials development allows you to experiment and reflect on creating your own materials for class.
  • • Finally, for the Unknown Language you are taught some lessons of a new language and are asked to reflect on your experience as a learner and on the methods used, which can have a strong impact on your own teaching.

    The focus throughout is on learning by doing, which is challenging but very rewarding.

Course assessement

Your tutors are Trinity approved, and will assess your work throughout the course. They will grade each lesson, and also mark your assignments on your chosen learner and the unknown language. There will also be a Language Awareness test in the final week. Your tutors will be on hand to help you through all of these, and if a trainee slips then the tutors will work hard to support him or her. On the final day, a Trinity approved moderator will assess your materials assignment and conduct a short interview with each trainee. Again, we will prepare you well for this in advance.

Final grades

The course is PASS/FAIL. However, we only accept candidates onto the course who we believe are capable of succeeding. Even if there are some slips, we believe that every candidate can pass the course.