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Teacher Training

In Moscow

The ELT Hub Teacher Training in France

Teacher Training

In Moscow

Teaching team

Our team have extensive experience in Moscow and internationally as both teachers and teacher trainers, working with private schools, public schools and universities.


Simon Brooks

Simon Brooks started teaching in 1995. He has taught in London, Madrid and Moscow and is experienced with students of all levels from different backgrounds. He has also worked as a Director of Studies and is an examiner for a number of international exams. Since 2008, Simon has devoted a lot of his time to teacher training, running various courses for beginning and experienced teachers, CELTA and DELTA (Module 1 and 3) among them. He is currently a teacher trainer with The ELT Hub.
Simon holds Trinity Diploma in TESOL and an MSc in Educational Management degree from Aston University.

Spencer Burke

Spencer Burke has been in teaching for more than 20 years, teaching students in Ireland, Turkey and Russia. He came into teacher training in 2002 in Ireland and has since then worked as a Director of Studies and teacher trainer in Moscow, the Czech Republic and France, where he regularly runs CELTA courses with The ELT Hub.

Spencer’s qualifications include Cambridge DELTA and Master of Sciences in English Language Teaching (Aston University, UK).

Both trainers have a lot of experience training teachers in Russia and understand the specific needs of both the students and the English teachers in Russia.